Friday, May 17, 2013

The Swiss Gnomes Deliver

At the crack of hangover fart we saddled up and left Hungerford

The sandy horrors of the previous trip up the track had receded and the road out to Bourke was easy

Mobile phone calls to carriers delivered new sprockets and chains that were fitted to the Darwin bike

Once again we hit out of town and found some superbly graded dirt

I make a personal confession of finding the throttle stop on the LC640

140kph on dirt at dusk with pigs, ostriches, sheep, goats and cows looming on the verges is character forming

We took a wrong turn and ended up in Nygan

The rissole provided sustenance in both liquid and nutritional form

Once again a 475k day draws us closer to our loved ones

Mudgee beckons for a final crease of the credit cards


  1. those bush colours are just glorious...

    and now i see why the knee pads were a good investment

  2. ostriches! I thought you'd lived here for a while?