Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Technical Talk

We are home and learnt some stuff along the way. Here are a few technical tips:

1. Send spares on ahead for collection - cables, sprockets and chains. You can always send them home again

2. Use a Telstra SIM - they work pretty much everywhere

3. Ask the locals lots of questions - the older ones know the most reliable answers

4. Take plenty of CO2 tube inflaters - you might have a lot of punctures

5. Take plenty of spare inner tubes - see 4 above

6. Drink this stuff - It is absolutely brilliant worth at least 100 kms a day - 50 at the end of the day in hydration and and 50 in the morning if you like red wine (a lot)

7. At the end of the day don't ride after dark. White cows are scary, brown cows a pain and black ones lead you terminally towards this dude.......................

More tech talk to follow

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