Friday, May 17, 2013

Rebels With A Cause

So the clutch cable needed fixing, one of the team rode to the council depot without a helmet on, some 300 metres

The local council pushed the rider aside and recreated the appropriate mechanical equipment for zero requested compensation

Zero tolerance policing prevailed on the return trip home

Local council 1 local police minus one

A further team member went to check out team member 1 and zero tolerance policing prevailed again

Riding team 1, local police minus 2

Letter to appropriate ministries are in preparation

We left town to Eulo

Eulo is a lovely place and more worn drive chain gear was ordered with financing provided by the gnomes of Switzerland 

We pushed on to the Hungerford hotel

The road to was sh1t until we hit the shire border and then became as smooth as ten pin bowling alley

All hail the grader team

At the Hungerford hotel we hailed the grader team over dinner and turned in for another 400k day's sleep

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