Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nyngan to Mudgee

Cold, cold, cold.

The temperatures crawled to a little over 12 centigrade, a huge contrast to the dripping sweatiness of Darwin just 10 days ago

We found dirt and tracked along the rivers and through to Wellington

The little Cactus cafe was warm and inviting so we stopped off for pumpkin soup, scones and jam

We then hooked on into the rolling hills towards Mudgee

Massive granite boulders lined the road, a potential delight to rock climbers everywhere but no time for photos

Eventually the rolling hills and dirt roads drew us in and we had to resist the temptation to turn on The Loud Handle and play enduro riding

Mudgee arrived and another motel

Dinner was appropriately lubricated before, during and afterwards

Our loved ones and The Betty Ford detox clinic beckon from Sydney

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