Thursday, May 9, 2013

Heaps of Tinnies - No Fish

The King Ash Fishing club is an alternative universe - A fishing RSL

Borroloola is a strange place, indigenous people with brand new cars but no apparent work, Bing Bong is up the road and faces east to twisted knot of mangrove swamps

The faithful kneel in front if mounds of stubbies and sometimes the fish sometimes oblige by jumping onto hooks

The gods were not smiling and fish were not jumping onto hooks

We dined out at an open air fishing club - lasagne and chips and then turned in. A big day and 500kms beckoned

We didn't fish, we didn't worship at the stubbie altar

The next day we fueled up at hit out at 07.00am


  1. "...people with brand new cars but no apparent work..." sounds like the Eastern Suburbs?

  2. so did you see ting tong from tooting at bing bong ?