Friday, May 3, 2013

Doing It Tough In Darwin

Hard times....


  1. Ross? Where were you when you were needed?
    Snake number three has been parked in the driveway all day!

    Can't attach an image so will email it to you.


  2. BTW: Picked up the TZR from Steve yesterday. Very nice! Rode it up to PB today, crisp as a fresh Jatz. More like the RS125 than the other 2T 250s.

    Steve's place is awesome! You have to go and have a look when back, or even going through on your return? 99 Carrington Rd, Londonderry

    Oh look, it's 7:11pm, Boomer bedtime. BTW: 40Yr wedding anniversary tomorrow. Celebrating with a LR to PB ocean paddle.