Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Epic Day To Junda

Rain stopped play so we tarmacked over to Winton. The black cotton soil inland would have been much too sticky to ride

179 kms later we lunched in Winton and fuelled up. It was 380 kms to Junda and there were 5 hours of light left in the day. A daylight run was still possible and so we set off (for fuel)

Then at the service station the big KTM failed to start and we lost an hour finding the loose battery connection under the bash plate

After 150k's the Beemer hit a large rock and split the front rim

Phil was ahead and Stevo went to catch him

Roscoe and Mike repaired the rim and as the light faded we started the 200 km run into town. The shadows got longer and longer, then the sun set..................!

It got dark, white cows on the road are fine, brown cows less so and black cows are a total pain

Riding in the feeble light of weedy enduro road headlights the speed dropped to 40 kms an hour as we wrestled bull dust and muddy wash aways by a form of two abreast Braille riding

Then 70 kms out Phil's clutch cable let go and we push started him on his way

We hit the Jundah Hotel at 8.30 with hardly enough strength left to raise a beer

But the backpacker bar staff scoring country credits for their visas lifted beer bottles to our trembling, weary lips and gradually the strength returned