Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Easy Day For An Old Lady

After a splendid dinner the night before at Livingstone's in Mount Isa we strolled out of town towards Duchess

The road to Duchess was a filling rattling jolt and we so stopped in this three horse town for lunch

The Thirsty Camel Hotel had a picket gate to keep out the horses out of the bar. Apparently, one of the horses recently died from cirrhosis. So we stopped for a pie lunch.

We fed the horses and got back on the road

The grader had been out and the tooth fillings resettled

Dajarra is a rail head town that is fading into an on / off  tourism stop as the cattle are now being moved by road train

So an easy day for an old lady ensued and we had a pleasant afternoon snooze

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  1. Boys, I watched an episode of MythBusters last night where they tested the myth that you could 'ride' across water.

    AND YOU CAN! They proved that you could cross up to 200 feet at 60 mph, and near 300 feet at 80 mph.

    So I expect you to try and verify that for us back here at some stage in your trip.

    Off course you need a nice smooth run up to hit the water on the level. Beats getting your feet wet and bouncing around rocks!

    The water they crossed was 4 ft deep. Magic.

    have fun.