Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Was Ebay's Fault

I was just CyberLoafing Ebay and found this KTM up in Darwin. I sent a text to Steve A. asking him if he was thinking what I was thinking.

Darwin To Darlinghurst - 4,500 kilometers as much as it as possible off road. It was on - all bar the Ebay bidding.

A couple of days later the KTM was mine and Steve was already talking shipping bikes up to Darwin - that was two weeks ago. An invite was extended to the old Vietnam crew members and Ross K. and Phil S. jumped on board.

That was last week, and the Sydney bikes went Tuesday by truck - Where they are now who knows, somewhere between here and Darwin.............

We had a meeting up at Steve's and pulled out the maps - Katherine, East to the Gulf of Carpenteria seemed to be the go and then off road to Mount Isa and all dusty points South.

We appear to be set. There is another planning meeting tonight and on Friday we all fly to Darwin to wait for the bikes and load up.

This blog is here so that I can hopefully update it from on the road and keep anyone who is interested up dated. I plan to get a Telstra sim card for my mobile and then update the blog whenever we get signal. 

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We are planning to leave Darwin, tarmac to Katherine and then dirt out East.

Michaelc 29.04.12

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