Saturday, May 25, 2013

The End? For The Time Being.....

I washed the red dirt out of my hands in just a few days

I washed most of the red dirt out of the bike a few days later

The red dirt will never wash out of my spirit

I hope that the red dirt will bind together these friendships forever

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Technical Talk

We are home and learnt some stuff along the way. Here are a few technical tips:

1. Send spares on ahead for collection - cables, sprockets and chains. You can always send them home again

2. Use a Telstra SIM - they work pretty much everywhere

3. Ask the locals lots of questions - the older ones know the most reliable answers

4. Take plenty of CO2 tube inflaters - you might have a lot of punctures

5. Take plenty of spare inner tubes - see 4 above

6. Drink this stuff - It is absolutely brilliant worth at least 100 kms a day - 50 at the end of the day in hydration and and 50 in the morning if you like red wine (a lot)

7. At the end of the day don't ride after dark. White cows are scary, brown cows a pain and black ones lead you terminally towards this dude.......................

More tech talk to follow

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Very Rough Route Map

A few people asked us for a route map to show our general progress and direction

The map below gives an indication of the 4,900 km trip - it is the line marked in red. Some of the detail is pretty rough and will no doubt need to be corrected

As the map got drawn on the computer a strange purple line suddenly appeared after the file had been saved

Perhaps the gods of Kost Too Much are meddling with the ether......................

Until the next time folks

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home - Home Again

Freezing to Lithgow - Phil must have cooled his heels even more as he left at the crack of sparrow fart - Then we were 3

A meeting with The Comacheros at the filling station

Brilliant little roads down the Vale of Clwyd onto the Bells Line of roads

Pies and lasagne near Bilpin

Past the stinking turf farms of Windsor

Onto the freeway and home for a hot shower

Great Times, Great Mates, Great People Along The Way and Great Support from friends and families via this blog

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nyngan to Mudgee

Cold, cold, cold.

The temperatures crawled to a little over 12 centigrade, a huge contrast to the dripping sweatiness of Darwin just 10 days ago

We found dirt and tracked along the rivers and through to Wellington

The little Cactus cafe was warm and inviting so we stopped off for pumpkin soup, scones and jam

We then hooked on into the rolling hills towards Mudgee

Massive granite boulders lined the road, a potential delight to rock climbers everywhere but no time for photos

Eventually the rolling hills and dirt roads drew us in and we had to resist the temptation to turn on The Loud Handle and play enduro riding

Mudgee arrived and another motel

Dinner was appropriately lubricated before, during and afterwards

Our loved ones and The Betty Ford detox clinic beckon from Sydney

Friday, May 17, 2013

Not Nygan RSL

The bush begins behind Bourke, 10kms out of town the sadness of that tough town disappears

The kids bunking off school everyday and the front gardens of savage guard dogs are replaced by those wide open spaces

You stop and stand still, turn off the bike and all that can be heard is the deep, sub sonic resonance of Australia

The dust is brown, red, grey and sometimes white

That plume of dust gets into everything and somehow once you have stood still and heard that booming, sub sonic resonance of this huge place that dust marks your soul and draws you back again and again, out and into these wide timeless spaces

The Swiss Gnomes Deliver

At the crack of hangover fart we saddled up and left Hungerford

The sandy horrors of the previous trip up the track had receded and the road out to Bourke was easy

Mobile phone calls to carriers delivered new sprockets and chains that were fitted to the Darwin bike

Once again we hit out of town and found some superbly graded dirt

I make a personal confession of finding the throttle stop on the LC640

140kph on dirt at dusk with pigs, ostriches, sheep, goats and cows looming on the verges is character forming

We took a wrong turn and ended up in Nygan

The rissole provided sustenance in both liquid and nutritional form

Once again a 475k day draws us closer to our loved ones

Mudgee beckons for a final crease of the credit cards